Peter the Poet

Peter cannot write poetry.  You could call him a pretend poet.  Here are poems from my friend, Peter.  I hope you enjoy them, but please do not expect anything of quality, meaning, or substance.



Someone has to be me.


The day you return to your routine,

submit to your structure,

the most necessary of all days,

and the most difficult

so you can overcome

and begin the labor

of a job well done.


Don’t blaspheme me!

Give me the respect I deserve.

Say my name with pride,

not remorse,

with earnestness and hope:

“It’s Monday.”


For it is with me you begin anew

a week of work where

through your toils

you gain the satisfaction of surviving,

meaning for your existence.


So don’t curse my name!

It’s a burden someone must bear.

Without me,

the other days could never be so sweet.


Peter also directed a short comedic film.  You can find it here:


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