The Last Book Ever Written

“The entertaining narrative minefield pops with surprises and grim echoes of our present, keeping the pages turning…”

—Kirkus Reviews

 “This is an unusual read.  It speaks of a dystopian future that sounds altogether too real.”

—Jo Ann Hakola, Book Faerie

“In this book, the narrator is a sort of word detective, searching for meaning in a geography of literary noir.  The book has a deep focus and meaning – both what is real and what is important to a life as fragile as ours in this earth.  The detective moves from sleuthing force to a writer and this transformation is both physical and also creative.  The interior life of the narrator is rich with observation and insight and it parallels the story and the movement of this characters’ journey.  Jonah Kruvant has done a fine job here in setting up a book that works on many levels and that draws the reader into a form of genre fiction that is not what it at first seems to be.”

-Darcey Steinke,  author of Jesus Saves and Up Through the Water, selected as New York Times Notable Books of the Year


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